Welcome to your Am I in the honeymoon phase of a relationship quiz?

1. Does he still shower you with affection and attention as when you first started dating?

2. Does he express excitement about seeing you, even if it’s not for a special occasion?

3. Does he often surprise you with small gestures of love like gifts or sweet messages?

4. Does he take an active interest in getting to know you better?

5. Is he patient and understanding even when you have disagreements?

6. Does he frequently talk about future plans with you?

7. Does he prioritize spending time with you over other activities?

8. Do you feel like he genuinely listens and values your opinions?

9. Is he willing to make compromises to keep you happy?

10. Does he frequently express how lucky he is to have you?

11. Does he show enthusiasm about introducing you to his friends and family?

12. Does he seem to enjoy doing mundane tasks with you, like grocery shopping or cleaning?

13. Does he constantly make an effort to keep the spark alive?

14. Is he always respectful and considerate towards you?

15. Does he show a willingness to grow and evolve with you?

16. Does he make you feel loved and cherished?

17. Does he often talk about how much he loves you?

18. Does he make efforts to resolve conflicts quickly and amicably?

19. Does he seem genuinely interested in your day and how you're feeling?

20. Does he make an effort to understand and meet your needs?

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