Welcome to your Is Andrew Tate a bad influence on my boyfriend?

1. Does your partner often share Andrew Tate's motivational content with you?

2. Has your partner's self-confidence improved since following Andrew Tate?

3. Does your partner engage in respectful conversations about relationships after learning from Andrew Tate's teachings?

4. Has your partner developed a healthier lifestyle (exercise, diet, etc.) since following Andrew Tate?

5. Does your partner exhibit a more positive attitude towards life and its challenges?

6. Is your partner more goal-oriented and focused on personal growth after being influenced by Andrew Tate?

7. Does your partner show a greater understanding of the importance of communication in relationships?

8. Has your partner become more respectful and understanding of women's perspectives since following Andrew Tate?

9. Does your partner engage in any offensive or harmful behavior as a result of following Andrew Tate?

10. Have you noticed any negative changes in your partner's behavior or attitude since they started following Andrew Tate?

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